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StayDry Bamboo Terry Insert

StayDry Bamboo Terry Insert

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5 Layer white StayDry bamboo 'pure' insert (Top layer is white Microsuede StayDry, lower 4 layers are bamboo)

 Size: (OSFM) ±35cm x ±14cm

Note that StayDry inserts are not intended for use in pockets or all-in-one/sleeve nappies since those nappies already have the StayDry layer benefit built into the nappy.
This insert is not more absorbent than a regular 4 layer bamboo 'pure' inserts. 
The extra StayDry layer is only beneficial when it is not placed into a pocket/sleeve (if it's use under an existing StayDry layer it just makes the nappy bulkier).
It is intended for use with covers/flats etc where there is no StayDry lining sewn onto the nappy - i.e. when it is placed loosely as the top-most layer.
Bamboo inserts are very absorbent and hold moisture better under pressure than microfibre inserts.
They do take a little longer to dry than microfiber inserts.

Bamboo inserts can can be tumble dried, but this will shorten their lifespan.