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Pocket Nappy: Multicolour Fish (incl. 4 Lyr Bamboo Blend Insert)
Pocket Nappy: Multicolour Fish (incl. 4 Lyr Bamboo Blend Insert)
Pocket Nappy: Multicolour Fish (incl. 4 Lyr Bamboo Blend Insert)

Pocket Nappy: Multicolour Fish (incl. 4 Lyr Bamboo Blend Insert)

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A pocket nappy with a Multicolour Fish print.

Includes 4 Lyr Bamboo Blend Insert.

One Size Fits Most (OSFM): Fits from ±4½kgs to ±16kgs.

Wash & Care instructions:

- 30 Degree Wash (We reccomend a cold wash to increase the lifespan of your nappy)

- Do not Tumble Dry Covers

- Inserts can be Tumble Dried, however this may shorten the lifespan of the item

- For more wash & care instructions and advice, please click here


Pocket nappies usually consist of:
         A size adjustable, waterproof (PUL) outer layer 
         An inner lining that forms a "pocket"
         Inserts that absorb moisture that fit into the pocket


Ideally the inner lining should keep baby feeling dry and comfortable:
This is why pocket nappies are commonly lined with an absorbant insert.

Inserts, made of different fabrics are "stuffed" into the pocket opening and do the actual absorbing (just think of them as 'sponges'). Inserts are one of the most critical components of a pocket nappy. 

Easy to use snaps adjust the size of the nappy to achieve a snug fit around the thighs and tummy. Moms often prefer size adjusting snaps to Velco. (which snags in the wash and can be a bit of a pain.)


About the Bamboo Blend Insert:

A 4 Layer cream coloured bamboo blend insert (2 outer layers bamboo+ 2 inner layers microfibre)

 Size: (OSFM) ±35cm x ±14cm

Bamboo inserts are very absorbent and hold moisture better under pressure than microfibre inserts.
They do take a little longer to dry than microfiber inserts. Bamboo blend inserts are a bit of a "go-to" insert for regular use.
Bamboo inserts can be placed directly against baby's skin although we do recommend stuffing them into pockets which holds them in place and helps prevent the inserts bunching up.

Bamboo inserts can can be tumble dried, but this will shorten their lifespan.





Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Fit on the legs

I waited until a few washes and uses to review - giving time for the insert to reach max absorbancy.

I find these a little bit more roomy than Littlez & Bloom's (which I exclusively used prior to this purchase) I love that, as boosting is more forgiving with a little more room as baby gets older and boosting needs adjusting.
I particularly like the fit at the legs, trim and no leak's.
Since new patterns were released I since purchased another cherry blossom pocket - again great fit and very happy with performance - I also add a single bamboo insert with these as baby is 12 months.

Average time is 2.5-3 hrs from change to change - if only wet.

Very happy overall.

Thank you so much for your very detailed review. I absolutely love reviews like this. It not only helps us to see how our products are performing, it also gives future customers invaluable knowledge of our products.

Thank you for your effort!

You are AMAZING :) x