About Baba Fishees

Baba Fishees is a South African baby and toddler clothing company. Our product is ethically designed and manufactured in Cape Town.
Baba Fishees was started in October 2018 by Sarah Hubbard.  As long as she could remember she loved beautiful things, always drawn to colour, creativity and abstract art, design and photography, her love of animals started when she was very young and continues.  Furthermore, her love of expressive and descriptive words and a endless sense of humor keeps her motivated.  Design is not just a hobby, you could say "it is just part of who I am and what comes naturally to me".  She is excited to be able to start on this journey and hopes that you will walk on it with her.
"Babafishees has given me so much joy over the last months, it is just fun (and hard work), it fires every inch of my heart and keeps me awake at night and excited in the day"
We are very much inspired by our African continent, its natural beauty, wildlife and fauna.  We love Africa and all that it offers.
Beautiful high quality cottons is a mantra not a negotiation, we struggled to find prints that we loved, so we commissioned, sourced and set about printing our own fabrics - wow, how much fun are we having.  We work with local South African knitting mills who have decades of experience in the cotton market.
Come join us on this adventure - we will make sure that we will create memories in  your mind so when you think back one day, we want you to say "oh, I remember when he/she wore that outfit and where we were" - may these memories make you smile.
Discover our little brand with big dreams.